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About mediaLoD

Join thousands of registered users who post and share their media with the world! There isn't a better place for you to upload your artwork, photography, or just your favorite high-res media with like-minded users!

mediaLoD is an media-based community blog site where users can share their photography, artwork, videos, and other media. Using a unique subscription system combined with a classic voting system you can customize your visual experience or create a group of user-based content that you enjoy most.


Image-blogging is Not a Spectator Sport!

mediaLoD is all about community, where we've givin you the tools to participate in MANY ways! If you like an image, give it a thumbs up and / or leave a comment and have a discussion about a post! If you like a specific user's posts enough, subscribe to that user! But the best way that you can participate is to upload images of your own!

All images on this blog will go through an approval process from a moderator, which should be a quick process. All posts on the site are released using a time-incrimental mechanic, and upon approval a post will join the queue and be posted when it's time comes. This mechanic nesures that all posts are given an amount of time to be viewed and not buried under high usage times. You'll receive an email when a post you submitted has been approved which will indicate when it will be shared with the world.


In the event that flagging is enabled we encourage our users to use this mechanic to help weed out illegal and other posts that break the terms of service. While we will always have moderators approving posts, some may slip through the cracks. When flagging, please do so in accordance with our terms of service and refrain from abusing this mechanic; abuse of the flagging mechanic will have reprocussions. Let's play nice and keep mediaLoD a fun, friendly place to share media!

We hope you enjoy your visit to mediaLoD!



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