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Terms of Service

ToS_1: Protect your username / password

Please do not share or make your login credentials public. If you need help with recovery username / password, please contact site admin.

ToS_2: Image and post uploading

All images on this blog will go through an approval process from a moderator, which should be a quick process. All posts on the site are released using a time-incrimental mechanic, and upon approval a post will join the queue and be posted when it's time comes. This mechanic ensures that all posts are given an amount of time to be viewed and not buried under rapid upload scenarios. You'll receive an email when a post you submitted has been approved which will indicate when it will be shared with the world.


Media Posting - General: All content will be approved on the basis that it has merit and contributes to a tasteful viewing experience. Content will not be approved if it is purposefully inflammatory towards a specific user of the blog, and users engaging in this activity may have their accounts or IP address banned. Content will not be approved if it is blatantly derrogatory and offers no value towards a tasteful viewing experience.

NSFW Blog: This is an adults only section dedicated to high-quality adult media. Media posted in this category is subject to moderator approval on a taste basis. Our goal for this section is to have tasteful, high-quality adult media that is not derrogatory or inflamatory. Content will be approved in accordance with North American laws regarding adult material; users who attempt to upload material that is considered illegal may suffer a banning of their account and / or IP address.

ToS_4: Commenting

We reserve the right to remove comments from posts if they are inflammatory and meant to attack another user. Extreme or continued abuses of this will result in account / IP address banning. Comment spamming is not permitted and will also result in banning.

That's it. Please enjoy mediaLoD!

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